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Alysha Rae Aesthetics

In-Clinic Consultation
30 minutes
The in-clinic consult is for new clients who would like new skincare products and work with your aesthetician to build a treatment plan specifically for your skin. This includes an in-depth analysis
of your skin and skin concerns. Your aesthetician will ask questions about your personal history abs lifestyle habits in order to prescribe effective skincare. If you have stubborn acne, other skin concerns, or just need help with a new home care regimen, this is the service for you!

Virtual Consultation
30 minutes

The virtual consult is the exact same service as the in-clinic consult, just over facetime. Products recommendations to you can be shipped or set aside for pickup after purchase.

New Patient Consultation + Treatment
1 hour 30 minutes
Skin health is my number 1 priority when it comes to treating my patients. The new patient consults + treatment allow me to get to know your skin before performing a custom treatment that fits your skin needs. As a new patient, this appointment will include an in-depth consultation, express treatment, and full-size SPF. The express treatment is customized to kickstart your skincare journey as well as being the first step in successfully reaching your skin goals. 

Express Enzyme Treatment
30 minutes
The express enzyme treatment is a gently exfoliating and hydrating treatment. The treatment utilizes Papaya enzymes t break down dead skin cells at the skin's surface which allows for deep penetration of hydrating ingredients like squalane and glycerin. I utilize steam to help activate the enzymes and soften the skin making it the perfect balance of relaxation AND Results.

Chemical Peel

30 minutes
This service is for patients who have already seen me for a consultation/treatment. Chemical Peels are an abrasive treatment and it is crucial that I know your skin, lifestyle, and homecare in order to ensure the health of your skin post-treatment.

Express Dermaplane
30 minutes
This service is for patients who have already seen e for a consultation/treatment. This treatment removes up to 3 weeks of dead skin cell buildup as well as vellus hair(peach fuzz) on the skin surface. It allows for deeper product penetration and will leave you with smooth, glowing skin!

Mini Facial
A mini facial is perfect for you if you're looking for a deep cleanse and some added relaxation that will leave you happy and GLOWING! This includes a deep cleanse, exfoliation, mask, serum, moisturizer, and SPF.

Custom Facial
+ Dermaplane
1 hour 20
This customized facial + dermaplane is perfect for you if your goal is smooth glowing skin with added relaxation. This treatment can include a cleanse, dermaplane, extractions, mask, facial and decollete massage, and is finished by serum, moisturizer, and SPF. This treatment will leave you relaxed with smooth, happy skin!

Custom Facial
+ Gua Sha
1 hour
Gua Sha is an ancient massage technique using stone for manual lymphatic drainage. Combining the effect of Gua Sha with this customized facial is the perfect recipe for relaxation. This is the perfect treatment for you if you're feeling puffy, foggy or like you need a rest.

Brow Wax

15 minutes
A basic brow wax takes care of any stragglers while sticking to your perfect natural shape! 
Add on a luxury hydro jelly mask to this treatment for $15 and 15 extra minutes.

Full Brow Treatment

45 mintues
Full brow treatment includes wax, tint, and lamentation. This will make all of your brows dreams come true! add on a luxury hydro jelly mak to this treatment for $15 and 15 extra minutes.





$70 -$100







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